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Super Saddlebred Perfect for Western Dressage!!!

Saddlebred Horses for Sale in Pikeville, Tennessee

$3 500,00
Harlem's Dapper Dann
few white hairs on forehead
Mar 10, 2007
15.3 hh
1200.0 lbs
In Foal:
6 / 10
Last Update:
Additional Comments:
With a sire carrying a whopping 22 Broodmare Hall of Fame dams to his pedigree, and an amazingly bred dam that carries an impressive 15, this handsome gelding has POTENTIAL....you just pick the discipline. With plenty of size and structure, this over-the-top friendly boy will have plenty of strength and heart to go wherever you want him to take you... and you'll go there with a smile on your face! Dapper Dann has the lovely "Fabio" locks of his sire. He is a blood bay, but his mane and tail are all sorts of colors. He is gorgeous. His black, chocolate, chestnut, and yes..even some BLONDE... mane hangs almost to his chest. We lovingly call him "Surfer Boy," with that tousled, beachcombed hair. Dapper has a lovely, willing and gentle spirit that has made him so easy to work with. Handled since birth using only natural horsemanship techniques, he's happy and extremely willing to do whatever you ask of him... and loves, loves, loves attention! Both Dapper Dann's sire and dam are beautiful movers. Dapper Dann exhibits the conformational traits and build that will make him a very smooth horse to ride. He is a picture-perfect horse. With his wide-set deep chocolate eyes, you can immediately tell that there is A LOT going on in this horse's mind. Dapper Dann started his under-saddle training earlier this Spring and he is doing great! Although I have not had a bit in his mouth yet, he guides easily with a rope hackamore... making left and right turns, backing up, moving his haunches over. He is so soft and responsive now, that when he eventually does wear a bridle, he will be effortless to communicate with. He is wearing his Parelli bareback pad very proudly and has no issue with girthing or me being on his back. We have had several rides so far and it won't be long before he will be wearing a saddle... and lookin' pretty smart doing so! With more one-on-one time and attention, Dapper Dann will progress with lightning speed. This is the kind of horse that will meet you at the gait and try to put his halter on himself just to be with you. That is exactly what he does here. Dapper Dann has had extensive ground-training using Parelli horsemanship methods to help develop is curiosity and confidence... both of which he was endowed with "naturally". He has the perfect conformation, movement and attitude to make a stunning Western Dressage horse. Dapper Dann is easy to work with in terms of "maintenance." Easy to trim, easy to vaccinate, easy to de-worm... all you have to do is show him a peppermint, and he's all about doing whatever it takes to get that mint! He was born on the farm, so we have not trailered him anywhere, but he has had lots of trailer-loading lessons, and loves to go into "The Box" for treats and quiet time. Dapper Dann puts his heart into everything he does. He is a very special horse and we are looking for the perfect partner for him. Dapper Dann has a shorter back and a thicker bone structure than many of our other horses. He has nice shoulder placement and well-developed hindquarters. He is a powerful mover. His neck is very well placed, and his head is gorgeous. He moves very squarely and keeps himself naturally collected. His hooves are solid and sound, and he has well developed frogs. We're not your typical Saddlebred farm, and strive to raise confident athletic horses using some of the best "Old-World" Bloodlines. We love to have visitors, so come on by and see this wonderful young man ~ you won't be disappointed! Will consider all reasonable offers... BUT.. we are very specific to whom our horses go to. For that reason, we will ask you personal questions regarding your finances, dedication and commitment levels, references, riding and horse experience, training philosophy, and anything else that we feel is important on behalf of our horses. We may even come to check out your farm to make sure it is suitable. If you are not willing to provide that type of information, please do not contact us. Thank you.

Shipping Notes:
Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, although we might be able to deliver within a reasonable distance. If long distance, we will be happy to help coordinate Dapper Dann's travel plans, as we have several shippers that we absolutely trust. Please let us know.

Company / Facility:
Renaissance Winds Farm - Our farm specializes in breeding and raising American Saddlebreds from the ground up... and without "baggage." Raised naturally in highly social herd environments and handled daily, our main goal is helping horses to become calm, confident and engagingly curious partners to their human companions, allowing them to excel at any discipline.

Member Information
Phone:+1 423-533-2522

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