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Sweet Lesson Horse...

Saddlebred Horses for Sale in Pikeville, Tennessee

$2 000,00
Southern Independence...
Elongated star, snip, left front and both hind pasterns, white
Mar 27, 1998
16.0 hh
1200.0 lbs
In Foal:
8 / 10
Last Update:
Additional Comments:
Well, you just have to know Indy to love him. Indy has been fully equitated... walks, trots, canters... all voice command. Lunges... voice command. Stands quietly without being tied to saddle and bridle. Stands quietly without being tied to trim his feet. Easy to deworm and vaccinate. Loves, loves, LOVES people... especially women. Loves to be pampered. Sounds like the perfect horse, right? Well... he's a bit quirky... and here's what he's a bit quirky about: 1. Indy hates baths. Don't know why... that's just the way he came to us. 2. Indy cannot be left alone in a field... he has to have a quiet buddy that he can boss around a little bit when he's feeling full of himself. He's not mean. He just thinks he's the boss... in his mind... where it's important. :) 3. Indy does not like the looks of anything that looks remotely like a whip. Don't know why... he came with that baggage, too. 4. Indy cannot be put in a stall because he will weave, and weave and weave. He lived in a stall for the first 11 years of his life and that kind of took a toll on his brain. He shares a paddock with one of our other quiet horses now, and that is just fine with him. 5. Indy gets a little "frisky" under saddle occasionally and wants to hop around for a few minutes... usually the second way of the arena. Probably due to years and years of having been made to do the same thing over and over again. He needs variety... and a buddy if you decide to take him out on a trail. 6. Indy has had hoof issues in the past that have to be managed. He is very flat soled and will bruise easily, so will do much better shod. His feet are very sensitive, so we have to make sure that he is not fed too much grain at once, as that can also make him sore. He's a little "high maintenance" that way. 7. Indy has some mild arthritis in his joints, that especially affects him during the colder months. We had our vet check him and he said that he would be just fine with light riding, which is what he has been doing here. NO JUMPING... Indy is just too old for that. SO... those are Indy's "Quirks." Some have to do with his past "showhorse baggage," some have to do with his age. But otherwise, he's a super-sweet horse that still has some good years left to give to someone. If you are interested in Indy, or have any other questions, please contact me. I will be happy to answer any questions honestly. We really would just like to see him go to a good home. We have 14 horses here and not a lot of time. *** Indy is probably not a horse that I would recommend for a beginner, but if you have someone that is a trainer to help with Indy, then that would be acceptable *** References will be required. We are very particular to whom our horses go to, so if you are not willing to provide information regarding financial soundness, commitment level, experience and ability, then please do not contact us. Indy's price is negotiable to the right home.

Shipping Notes:
Buyer is responsible for shipping, although we might be able to deliver is within a reasonable distance from our farm. If long distance, we will be happy to help coordinate Indy's travel plans with some very trusted shippers that we have personally used. Just let us know.

Company / Facility:
Renaissance Winds Farm - Our farm specializes in breeding and raising American Saddlebreds from the ground up... and without "baggage." Raised naturally in highly social herd environments and handled daily, our main goal is helping horses to become calm, confident and engagingly curious partners to their human companions, allowing them to excel at any discipline.

Member Information
Phone:+1 423-533-2522

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