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Saddlebred Horses for Sale in Pikeville, Tennessee

$2 000,00
Royal Crest Sharin' Stone
Star, Connected stripe and snip to both nostrils, left hind pastern, white
May 27, 1998
16.0 hh
1200.0 lbs
In Foal:
4 / 10
Last Update:
Additional Comments:
If you are looking for a beautiful mare that is bred, bred, bred to the hilt with Champions, World Champions, and Broodmare Hall of Fame Dams... well, look on farther. Actually... DO LOOK FARTHER... go to the American Saddlebred website (if you are a member), and pull up her 5- generation pedigree... and be prepared for your jaw to drop. Ruby is 14 years old, and has been limitedly bred on our farm. We are a small operation, and are not into "production," but Ruby was very easy to get in foal every year that we bred her. During that time, she was live-covered by our stallions (NOT pasture-bred), and stood quietly to be bred while only being held with a halter and lead-rope. She comes into good, strong standing heats like clockwork. I also have her records of how long she carried each foal, when she bagged up, when she lost wax plugs, and how soon she foaled afterwards. Basically... Ruby comes with a "Handbook!" She, as well as our other horses, have been exquisitely cared for. Ruby is a wonderful mother, carries to term without any troubles, and has no issues foaling. All of her foals have her gorgeous swan neck, long long legs, beautiful color, are all very nice movers and are all very well put together. Ruby is very sensible... and that is also handed down to her babies. Ruby carries a recessive black gene, and we were very excited to have a jet black filly from this bright chestnut mare. We also bred her to our grey pure-bred Andalusian stallion two years ago, and she had a stunning sorrel colt with a blonde mane and tail. He is a gorgeous cross-bred. Ruby would also produce a very nice National Showhorse, if you have Arabian stallions. Ruby is quiet and undemanding. She will nicker softly to you and scratch you on the shoulder when you rub her neck. She is easy to handle when she is in foal, and she has no problems with someone quietly "on standby" during the foaling process. She is VERY maternal... so much so, that all of her offspring are as well. She will love them to death... and LICK them to death during the first 48 hours! She produces a LOT of milk, so you will never have to worry about that being in short supply. We currently have 14 horses, and do not plan on doing any more breeding. I dearly love Ruby, and would love to keep her. But I hate to see her just standing around and her amazing genetics just going to waste... which is why we are reluctantly offering her for sale to the right home only. If you are looking for a wonderful mare for a small operation, who will fit easily into your herd, then you should consider this mare. Ruby's feet are in good shape, but they do need to be trimmed regularly, as one of her front hooves wants to grow heel quicker than the other. She came to us that way, and we just make sure that she does not miss any trims to keep that hoof from getting "tall." She is easy to trim and will stand quietly... often nuzzling me on the back while I work on her. She is currently up to date on her vaccinations and de-worming, and I will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about this wonderful mare. Inspections are always welcome. Ruby has been ridden lightly in the past, but we have not ridden her since she has been here. I did ride her a couple of times early on and she did wonderfully. Would probably do very nicely as a light pleasure horse for an experienced rider. We are very discriminating to whom all our horses go to... most especially our broodmares. If you are unable or unwilling to provide information about yourself, your type of operation, your financial stability, references, or anything else that would help us to determine if you are the right person for Ruby, then please do not respond to this ad.

Shipping Notes:
Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, although we might be able to deliver within a reasonable distance. If long distance, we will be happy to coordinate with some very trusted shippers that we know personally. Just let us know.

Company / Facility:
Renaissance Winds Farm - Our farm specializes in breeding and raising American Saddlebreds from the ground up... and without "baggage." Raised naturally in highly social herd environments and handled daily, our main goal is helping horses to become calm, confident and engagingly curious partners to their human companions, allowing them to excel at any discipline.

Member Information
Phone:+1 423-533-2522

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