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Loveing Perlion Stallion : 28" Buckskin Produser

Miniature Horses for Sale in Fillmore, Indiana

$3 500,00
Ferrand Triple K Micky Blue Eyes
Blue eyes
Apr 1, 2009
0.0 hh
0.0 lbs
A 200744
In Foal:
1 / 10
Last Update:
Additional Comments:
Micky is a love bug and easy to handle. Loves people. Lover playing jokes. He used to unscrew caps off of the well water taps and let the water fun freely for hours. Then when we put the caps back on he'd do it while we were screwing them on. He is also a Perllino. He will through all kinds of fantastic buckskins. Registration Complete. And he is a love bug and Mr. Personality. 28". Papers in hand and ready to go. Has had %100 buckskins as of today. 5 babies total to his name His sire is WF Zeus Nobel Flair who's sire is Little Kings Buck Zeus, who's sire is Boones Little Buckeroo and dam is Mythical Farms Golden Memorees. His dam is Checkmate baby Boss Fantasy, who's sire is Little Kings Bay Boy and dam is Flying M Memoirs His dam is Westwind MIDGI GIDGI Bucki who's Sire is Westwind Sundowner Cremello and Grandsir is Tuckaways Patches who's sire is Bond Brigadier and his dam is Charity. Westwind Sundowner Cremello dam is Ler Ginger Cup whos sir is Funny Boy and dam is Komokos Vanilla Cup. Her Dam is Inglemist Misty Blue whos sire is Parr's Inglemist Technicolor and his sire is Little Hoof's Midget Man II. Parr's Inglemist Technicolor dam is Parr's Ginger. Misty Blue's dam is Mini Bit's Swiss Miss who's sire is Ohio's Little Red Coupon and her dam is Lazy Acres Misty Blue Mick is a double Cream buckskin, put him with almost any mare and get all sorts of buckskin. He had the buckskin breeding back 3 generations on both sides. If you have buckskins this is the stallion you need with names all over his pedigree. Watch Youtube video.

Shipping Notes:
We do not ship, come and get him

Company / Facility:
Ferrands Triple K Farms - 360 acre farm where we breed and sell Miniature and Quarter Horses. On our farm we have up to four generations of Mares and babies, and all with an eye towards color that is outstanding. Nearly all our babies are born with at least one blue eye, and are small and correct as possible. Our breeding has gone all over the USA and Canada.Our most outstanding Stallion is named Ivan. Ivan is a consistent producer of black and white blue eyed babies, most of them being paw printed. We have yet to see his color genetics surpassed by any other Stallion in the miniature horse world. Except for his wonderful sons that are up and coming in the black and whites.We are one of the larges Tobiano, Overo, and Sobiano farms this side of the Mid-West. Our Stallions bloodlines range from Little kings Buck Zeus, Buckeroo, Little Kings Buck Commanda, Lucky Four Sid Rebel, Samis Juju Banana, LBF Clydes Pryde, Little Kings Clyde, Librerty Moon Glo, Magic Man, and Tripple K Ivan. Really great beginings.

Member Information
Phone:+1 765-301-0645

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