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Gorgeous Tobiano~ride, Work Cattle & Pack John Mule!

Mule Horses for Sale in Elba, Idaho

$6 500,00
Jan 3, 2003
15.0 hh
1100.0 lbs
In Foal:
2 / 10
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Additional Comments:
Jasper is a real character, fun and loving john mule that cruises up our mountains or on the flat with no hesitation. He has been ridden to move and sort cattle, crosses ditches, heavy downfall, creeks, snow drifts, rides with dogs and ponies off quad. Jasper has his peeps trained and on a time schedule as he knows when it is time for dinner. He will talk to us as if saying hello I am starving here, no not really he is in great shape and very well taken care of! Jasper is trained to pack and ride with a britchen and will follow the lead horse perfectly when on the mountain packing. Under saddle he will ride out on his own without following, sometimes he thinks he needs to follow the other horses but he does have nice handle and will ride away {to push a cow/calf} or side by side with the other horses. I have ridden Jasper on the mountain by myself with no~one around leaving the ranch to move cattle, just for pleasure, crossing creeks, enduring heavy downfall, wildlife, sage grouse flying up underneath him...etc. He takes everything in stride without getting hot or spooked. Jasper has perfect hooves. We ride him through creeks with rocks and his hooves do not chip as most horses hooves will...he also wears them even. I trim/shoe all our horses and he is a perfect gentleman for a woman handling his hooves as he is for my husband or anyone else. He is nice to worn and vaccinate as well! You can pull Jasper right out of the pasture, saddle, get on and go. I may lunge him once to the left and once to the right to set his cinch back and in proper position. Jasper is a super smooth saddle mule to ride! I have ridden gaited horses most of my life and I really enjoy riding him and so does my husband and we know you will too! Watch Youtube video.

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Blazing O Ranch - My husband and I are located in the Elba Valley Mountains of Idaho and live on 1600 acres of lush pasture grass and raise our own hay. We run cattle and use our horses and ponies for all our ranch work. I have owned horses and ponies all my life, breed, ship semen, foal out our mares, imprint our foals, train, etc. Our stallion and brood mares ride and have a job! No one sits around doing nothing. My husband has been raised with cattle both commercial and purebred all his life. We endure multiple tasks from camping, pleasure riding, encountering wildlife, hunting, packing, gaming, team sorting and working cattle on our ranch and on the open range. Whether on the ground or in the saddle we have tons of fun with our bovine and equine family members!

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Name:Blazing O Ranch

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