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Registered Quarter Pony in Foal

Quarter Ponies for Sale in Missoula, Montana

$1 500,00
Arizona Angel
Star, snip
Quarter Pony
Jan 1, 1999
13.2 hh
850.0 lbs
In Foal:
4 / 10
Last Update:
Additional Comments:
Not suited for the beginning rider as she can be energetic, although if NOT left in her pen for months and not ridden, but exercised several times a week, she can be quite a lady. Loves to jump, was showing in her younger days over cross rails to 26", all schooling shows though. Very sensitive mouth and sensitive to leg cues, side passes, back, was doing basic pivots when I was training her years ago. Best trail horse I've ever owned, will go through or over anything you point her at with no hesitation, including water. Wide set makes her a perfect horse for shorter riders, yet easily carries 250 lbs for hours without breaking a sweat or stepping a foot out of place. Rides both western and English with a simple Tom Thumb or snaffle. Was doing level 2 dressage work about 5 years ago, but again only in schooling shows and "just for fun", though she took 2nd with my daughter on a juniors eventing tht summer. She is also not herd bound, and my go to if I need to get a loose horse, chase down a dog, or pack out a deer. Again not for beginners unless they are aggressive as she will intimidate a timid rider, I have had beginners on her that get along great and take her anywhere with a light touch, but others that confuse her and get frightened because she does respond so quickly. I am not in a hurry to sell her, and frankly content to keep her till she dies, but I don't have time or $ for all of them and have to make some decisions. She is in foal to our Appaloosa stud for an April foal, and if not sold the foal already has an owner. Last baby to him was a buckskin filly lost to colic recently. Foal eligible for registry with POA club, or quarter pony if solid. Her registry is a hardship registry, however, filed by her former owner and everything in her build and cadence seems Haflinger to anyone who has owned Haflingers. She has had her mane shortened by a TWH colt whom she decided to call her own, which worked out as the TWH mare was a maiden mare and did not produce enough to sustain him. That being said she could easily be made a nurse mare after she weans or if the unthinkable happens. Located in western Montana, and open to offers but no low balls please. She is not a hard keeper and there are tons of horses with owners who don't have time for them, but there are worse things for them than sitting in a very large pen being well fed and allowed to be a horse with occasional outing. No scammers either, I have never been taken advantage of online and don't intend to start now, so don't waste your time and spend it getting a real job! Of note she has also done gymkhanas with me and although she did well, as far as the patterns go, she is not fast even at her top speed. Though her small stature and quick turns do help in some events.

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Company / Facility:
Carsley Horse Ranch - Specializing in kid-safe horses

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