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Palomino Horses for Sale in Hollister, Florida

$1 000,00
Tangy aka Sparkles Dream Please Read
Gold Flax
Oct 1, 2011
14.0 hh
800.0 lbs
In Foal:
1 / 10
Last Update:
Additional Comments:
Mother is a 2D Barrel Racer, Father is a ranch working Reining and roping horse, Plus very good Pleasure horse , She took after Both of Them, She is only 2 1/2 and stands almost 14H, She is more Than half way there on her Training, All ground work is done, She loads in and out of a trailer, Flexes left and right, Backs, Forward, Picks up all 4 feet, You can lead her any where, We have had her out on the trails and on the Beach pulled by one of our other horses,She did Great, She gets along with other Horses and does not act alaf at all, When she is in the field playing and running with the other she is fast and Quick, Nice Dime Turn on her,That why i know she would make a great Ranch Horse for me, Thats why i got her, I wanted to train my own ranch horse for my work, I run my own plus 3 other ranches and need a good horse to work with me. I am a big girl and need a big Solid Horse for my work, She would be great but going to be too small for me.She will take fly spray all over even on her face, You can touch her everywhere nothing Bothers Her,She loves her Baths The kids love to wash her and Brush her, She has no bad Habits at all, I do trust her around kids, She would make a great kids or teens Barrel Horse,You can even pull her tail,LOL, She is all up to date on all her Shots and Coggins, Health Records and Certificate Title,,, When i got her i thought she would get Bigger, Sadly she will not get as big as i need,Now she has not been out yet one on one riding on the trails, But i have rode her in the pin, I have been working almost every day with her trying to fininsh her riding skills,, she is only 2 1/2, But she has had a kids pulled around on her and did nothing, , Thats why i know it will not take much to finish her training on one on one riding, She is already there she just needs saddle time your way,,So i am putting her up for trade or sale, She will do everything for you walk down side walks, She is not spooky of and kind of traffic,, I have a lot more pictures of her riding,So if you may have a horse around 15 / 15.3 Hands and about 14 to 16 Years and is not {SPOOKY}at all, Becase of the work i do, I am around Big loading trucks and hay rolling tractors and all kinds of traffic all day in and out, And i push Cows a half of day and ground work the rest with feed trucks, The horse can not be spooky and Boult out from under me why i am work, NO GOOD THING WILL HAPPEN,,LOL,, So if you may have one just send me a video or some pictures to { thecarousel1@att.net } And play Show and tell with me..LOL.. thank you for reading my ad and you have a sweet Cowboy Day

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