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Laid-Back, Easy-Going, Non-Spooky, Gentle Trail Horse

Spotted Saddle Horses for Sale in Virgilina, Virginia

$4 950,00
Spotted Saddle
Jun 1, 2010
14.0 hh
0.0 lbs
In Foal:
1 / 10
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Additional Comments:
If you have been looking for an exceptional horse for the whole family to enjoy, this lovely mare is what you have been searching for! Cricket is an incredible family trail horse - perfect for kids, mom, dad or grandma or any beginner with just basic riding skills! She is beautiful - I mean WOW! Just look at her! You couldn't paint a prettier picture! This gorgeous 4yo, 14h Tri-colored Tobiano mare is marked just right - sure to draw every eye as she glides by! You will definitely get the compliments on this lovely mare and she is one of a kind! No blending into the crowd with this girl! Looks are not the only thing she has going her way - she is a fearless trail partner!! She is not spooky and will go through the roughest terrain, up the steepest grades and is steady and surefooted to bring you safely back down the opposite side. She will splash thru the deepest water and drudge thru the stickiest mud - she loves to trail ride! And with a horse like this, you will, too!! She does not mind arena work, but her specialty is out on the trails and she never hesitates to do what is asked of her! She is easy to ride and responds to simple voice commands. She back easy and also canters for added bonus! She will safely carry her rider wherever they want to go - every time without exception! Hmmm, let's see now - we have discussed attitude, ability and striking good looks, but we still have not talked about her incredible SMOOOTH way of going! You will be able to trail ride this mare 15 miles and go dancing that night! She has such an easy saddle gait that it will bring a smile to your face as you glide down the trail - you can ride her slow - you can ride her fast - either way you choose to do it - SMOOTH will be the word you use to describe it! And the best part - ANYONE can experience it - you do not have to be an experienced rider to get her to gait - she does it all for you! All you have to do is sit there and smile! There is no better way to see the world than from the back of a safe, smooth and sweet horse - a horse just like Cricket! Are YOU Ready to RIDE!! Our horses are backed by a Satisfaction Guarantee. Quality, Value, and Honesty are the foundation of our program and the substance of our reputation. Please Note: If you do not get a reply from me within 72 hours, please be sure to give me a call. Email is not as reliable as it once was, due to virus and spam filters, so my email reply to you may not always get through. Please keep my phone number handy (919) 302-2029 and call me if you do not get a response to your inquiry. See our website www.heavensgaitfarm.com for Customer Reviews and Testimonials. Thank you for your interest in this very nice horse! Become a Fan of Heavens Gait Farm on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter. Watch YouTube video.

Shipping Notes:
Shipping Available at Reasonable Rates.

Company / Facility:
Heavens Gait Farm - We specialize in Tennessee Walking and Spotted Saddle Horses here at Heaven's Gait Farm. From the Timid Beginner Rider to the Advanced Endurance Rider...we have well trained gaited trail horses safe for any rider! Are You Ready to Ride!There is no better way to see this country than from the back of a great trail horse! Whether you are a timid, beginning rider or an advanced endurance rider, you will find a safe, sane, well-trained trail mount here at Heavens Gait Farm. We ride and train our horses here to certify their abilities. They are ridden in the woods, down the road-side, up and down steep inclines, through deep water, mud, across downed trees and wooden bridges. They are desensitized to hikers, ATVs, traffic, bikes, ropes, tarps and dogs. They will load/unload and re-load on any trailer easily, stand tied quietly by the trailer and in cross-ties, for grooming, bathing, clipping and for the vet and for the farrier. They are specifically trained to meet the needs of the demanding pleasure trail rider. They are uncomplicated to ride. Throw a leg over and off you go! If you are in search of a Superior Pleasure Trail Horse, Versatile and FUN - take a look! You will not be disappointed! Quality, Value, and Honesty are the foundation of our program and the substance of our reputation.Along with quality trail horse, we are proud to offer At Stud: Paints Impala and Spotted Cash, both proven producers of superior gaited foals of color! We provide Lessons, Day Camps, Clinics, Girl Scout Programs, Horse Hauling and Transport Services, Judged Trail Rides and more! From the timid, beginning rider to the advanced endurance rider - we have something for everyone. Quality, Value and Honesty are the foundation of our program and the substance of our reputation.Are YOU Ready to Ride!!

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Phone:+1 919-302-2029
Phone2: +1 919-302-2029

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