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One of a Kind Beautiful Grey Mule

Mule Horses for Sale in Hubbard, Texas

$4 500,00
Jan 1, 2008
15.2 hh
0.0 lbs
In Foal:
1 / 10
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BOMBPROOF MULE, HE IS SAFE, SOUND, and BROKE. Slide off his butt, crawl underneath him, stand up on him..There is nothing you cannot do on this mule. He acts like a horse, he is not your typical mule. Even if you are not a mule person you will love this mule. He rides the very best, works to a wagon both single and double, has pulled at plow in the garden, has been roped off of and used to work cattle, has carried a flag in parades and grand entries at rodeos, and is a pro pack mule. He has been on thousands of hunting trips. He has had a gun shot off him both on hunting trips and also in mounted shooting competitions. He will stand and not move when you shot. He has packed deer, elk, and a bear out of the mountains. He will cross water, cross bridges, has been rode in every kind of terrain, he is sure footed, not at all tender footed, you can pop a bull whip standing up on him, can slide off behind him, crawl in under him, he side passes both ways, can open and close gates on him. He is a very pretty traveling mule, neck reins and i means neck reins, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PLOW REIN HIM, you can ride and turn him around with just a string around his neck, backs up great, has a great stop, light in the mouth, we mainly ride him in a hackamore, great short lope, you dont have to wear spurs to get him to go, he can be rode bareback with just a halter, can catch him anywhere and when i say where i mean anywhere. He will meet you at the gate. Loves attention. Been used on thousands of trail rides and hunting trips all over the US. If you can sit on him you can ride him no matter your riding level or age. I MEAN ANYONE CAN RIDE HIM and ABSOLUTELY DO ANYTHING THEY WANT ON HIM. He would be perfect for beginners or kids. You can ride him once a month a once a year and he is the same. He does not need a tune up or need to be warmed up. You can just get on him and go. Stands perfect to be saddled and mounted. He will let you use a mounting block, fence, or bucket to get on and off. He will stand perfectly still and let you clip his ears and bridle path. He is not ear shy or head shy. He will let you pick up all his feet, will stand tied still all day long without pawing or moving around, he will stand ground tied when out hunting, he stakes out great hobbled or on a line when overnight camping, loads and hauls great. HE DOES NOT HAVE ANY BAD HABITS OR QUIRKS. Does not buck, will not run off, will not kick, not buddy sour or barn sour, he will ride alone or in a group, loads and hauls great. He is not scarred of anything, will not spook at on the trail, he is use to hunting dogs making lots of noise and running up behind him. HE IS A BEEN THERE DONE THAT ALL AROUND EXCELLENT MULE. He has a sweet willing to please personality and will do whatever is ask of him. You can look a long time and will not come close to finding another one like him.

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